When treating conditions around your eyes the most important consideration is finding a qualified surgeon who also knows and cares about your eyes. The eyelids and tissue around the eyes are extremely unique and like no other tissue in the body. Oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeons are ophthalmologists who are uniquely qualified and trained to improve facial aesthetics while protecting ocular health and vision.

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

Dermatochalasis is usually more dramatic in the upper eyelid, it may also be present in the lower eyelids. Excess skin along with prominent fatty tissue is commonly seen in the lower eyelids. Another common complaint is the appearance of dark circles and a general appearance of “looking tired.”

In the lower lids this change in appearance and excess tissue typically does not affect vision and is always considered a cosmetic problem. 

In an aesthetic blepharoplasty, surgical treatment typically results in improved eyelid contour and a rejuvenated more youthful appearance. With any aesthetic rejuvenation, a variety of options are available. During your aesthetic consultation, we will discuss your goals, review the options and develop and individualized treatment plan.

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

Dermatochalasis is a term used to describe the presence of loose and excess skin around the eye. It is commonly due to age related changes which causes loose connective tissue and loss of skin elasticity. It can also occur with prominent fat pads and drooping of the upper eyelid (ptosis). Additionally, the skin is weighed down by the effect of gravity.

When dermatochalasis is a concern due to appearance and does not affect vision, a cosmetic blepharoplasty is performed. As with other aesthetic procedures an individualized approach along with non-invasive options typically offers the best results. 

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