Enucleation in Chicago

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What Is Enucleation Surgery?

Enucleation is a surgical procedure performed to remove an entire eye, including the eyeball and the surrounding tissues. It may be recommended if there are certain medical conditions in which an enucleation surgery is necessary, such as tumors, infections, or trauma that cannot be treated with other methods.

When enucleation is performed, our Chicago eye surgeon carefully removes the eye while preserving as much of the surrounding tissue as possible. After enucleation, a prosthetic eye is placed in the cavity to restore a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Enucleation Surgery Overview

At Chicago Oculofacial Consultants, enucleation surgery is performed only when necessary, as it’s a fairly invasive procedure. However, enucleation is often the best option to improve the patient’s vision or quality of life. Our enucleation surgery involves:

  • Anesthetizing the eye area in order to minimize any discomfort
  • Removing the eyeball and surrounding tissues
  • Closing the incision and providing aftercare instructions

Enucleation surgery can take up to three hours, depending on the complexity of the case. After enucleation surgery, patients can return to their daily activities within a few weeks as long as they follow aftercare instructions. However, recovery times can vary and often are affected by the condition of the eye area before surgery.

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Benefits of Enucleation

Having to choose enucleation is never an easy decision, but there are several circumstances where it may be needed in order to preserve your overall health. In these cases, enucleation may provide some benefits for patients who require it. It can:

  • Help improve vision by removing any tissue or objects blocking the vision
  • Relieve pain and other symptoms caused by certain medical conditions
  • Prevent infection from spreading to adjacent structures in the eye socket
  • Reduce the risk of further damage to the eye socket
  • Improve facial symmetry and appearance through prosthetic replacement.

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Is Enucleation Surgery Right for Me?

The decision to undergo this procedure can be a difficult decision, but we are by your side every step of the way. Dr. Williams ensures that all other treatment options are explored before proposing this procedure to any of her patients. Ultimately, enucleation surgery may be recommended when other treatments are not effective or when there is a high risk of infection.

At Chicago Oculofacial Consultants, our goal is to provide personalized enucleation surgery in Chicago that meets your individual needs and goals. We want our patients to feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process and know that they will receive compassionate care.

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After the Surgery: Recovery

The recovery for this procedure can vary, but most patients can expect to remain in the hospital for a few days while they heal and adjust to the change. During this time, friendly staff will be by your side to provide any necessary assistance and care. After enucleation surgery, it is important to follow the instructions given by our Chicago eye surgeon in order to ensure

After the Surgery: Results

After enucleation surgery, our highly qualified ocularist will recommend a prosthetic eye to fit into the enucleated socket. Maintenance and care for the prosthesis are necessary to keep it looking natural and functioning properly. While a prosthetic is purely cosmetic, it can still provide a range of benefits for patients by maintaining facial symmetry. The target outcome of this procedure is to preserve your health, but it is important to help keep your quality of life and confidence intact as well.

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