Ptosis Surgery

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What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis, or droopy eyelids, is a condition in which the drooping of the upper eyelid causes the eye to appear smaller and more tired. It can also cause an obstruction of vision if not treated. There can be many causes for droopy eyelids, including age-related changes, congenital conditions, trauma, or drooping from neurological problems. But in most cases, we can restore your eyelids regardless of the cause. With ptosis surgery, you can reverse your eyelids' drooping and achieve a rested yet alert appearance.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Overview

Ptosis surgery is a procedure to correct droopy eyelids and improve the appearance of the eyes. During this surgical procedure, our oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Williams will reposition the upper eyelid muscles to lift the drooping lid. This will restore the natural contour of your eyelids and open up your eyes. The procedure typically takes about one hour and can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient's preference and medical conditions. In some cases, the procedure can take a bit longer, depending on the amount of ptosis present and other factors.
In some cases, patients choose to combine ptosis repair with other procedures at our practice, such as a brow lift or lower eyelid surgery. During your consultation, we can go over all your options that match your goals and will provide a personalized outline of your expected procedure.

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Benefits of Ptosis Surgery

In addition to improving the appearance of drooping eyelids, droopy eyelid surgery can also improve vision obstruction and aid in facial rejuvenation. After eyelid surgery, you should be able to see clearly without any drooping or sagging preventing your view. Furthermore, droopy eyes often appear aged and tired, which can make you look older than you are. By correcting droopy eyelids, you can achieve a rested and youthful appearance that will make you look brighter and more energetic.

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Ptosis Surgery Before & Afters

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Am I a Candidate for Ptosis Surgery?

Candidates for droopy eyelid surgery should be in good physical health and come prepared with healthy, realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. We will provide complete, transparent information about the procedure, so you can have an accurate understanding of what results to expect. Furthermore, droopy eyelids need to be assessed by our specialist to determine if droopy eyelid surgery is indicated. The first step is to set up your consultation with Dr. Williams, a board-certified specialist with years of experience. She will take the time to get to understand your situation and fully examine your eyelids to see what procedure options suit your goals.
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After the Surgery: Recovery

Recovery time for droopy eyelid surgery is usually minimal, with most patients reporting very manageable pain or discomfort. After droopy eyelid surgery, some swelling, bruising, and tightness of the lids are normal. This should go away in about a week or two. In most cases, you will be able to return to work and other regular activities after a few days of rest. During your recovery, you may come in for a follow-up visit with Dr. Williams to check the progress of your healing. Once approved, you can return to your daily routine and start enjoying your new, lively aesthetic.

After the Surgery: Results

Your droopy eyelid surgery results should last for many years with the proper care and maintenance. To keep your droopy eyelids at bay, we recommend avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen when outdoors. Getting enough sleep is also important to maintain a refreshed, young appearance.

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