Eyelid Lumps and Bumps Removal

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What Are Eyelid Lumps and Bumps?

Eyelid lumps and bumps are small spots or bumps that may appear on your eyelids. They often grow as a result of excessive oil production in the eyelid area, common allergies, or even an eye infection. Though these eyelid lumps and bumps can be unsightly, they rarely pose any health risks and can often go away on their own. However, while present, they can still impact how a patient feels about their appearance. That is why we provide tailored treatment options for removing eyelid lumps and bumps to get you back to looking your absolute best.

Treatment Overview for Eyelid Lumps and Bumps

At Chicago Oculofacial Consultants, we believe that eyelid lumps and bumps should not get in the way of looking your best. Our eyelid specialist is an expert at removing eyelid lumps and bumps with minimal discomfort for our patients. We use cutting-edge techniques to ensure optimal results that leave you feeling more confident about your eyelids. In cases where a bump turns out to be eyelid skin cancer, we can provide a straightforward surgical procedure that gets rid of it while preserving the full aesthetic of your eyelid.

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Benefits of Treating Eyelid Lumps and Bumps

By treating eyelid lumps and bumps, you can put an end to the self-consciousness you feel due to their presence. Removing eyelid lumps and bumps also helps restore eyelid function, especially if the bump is obstructing movement or vision. You will also be able to show off your eyelids with newfound confidence, free from any blemishes that get in the way of you feeling at your best. Some benefits of receiving treatment at our practice include the following:

  • A personalized approach with tailored treatments
  • Receiving care from a board-certified surgeon
  • Consistent results that match patient expectations
  • Restoring confidence in your facial appearance
  • Lasting results with little to no visible scarring

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Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

At Chicago Oculofacial Consultants, we understand that eyelid lumps and bumps don’t have to be a permanent part of your appearance. The first step is to have a physician understand what the cause of your condition is and then build a personalized treatment plan to remove them. Contact us today for personalized treatment options for eyelid lumps and bumps in Chicago! We are here to help you look and feel your best.

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After the Surgery: Recovery

After eyelid lump and bump removal, you can expect to experience some mild discomfort for up to a week if they were surgically removed. Swelling is also common, but this should subside within two weeks of your procedure. In general, eyelid lumps and bumps can be safely removed with minimal scarring or visible changes in the eyelid area. For other treatment options, the recovery period can vary from as short as a few days to up to two weeks. It all depends on your individual situation, but we will provide you with a complete overview of what to expect before you commit to any treatment plan.

After the Surgery: Results

The final results of eyelid lump and bump removal can vary, but you should be able to see improvements quickly. Additionally, most patients achieve excellent outcomes that leave them feeling more confident in their eyelid appearance. Our eyelid specialist takes care to ensure minimal scarring and natural-looking eyelids so you can enjoy your newfound self-confidence without any visible signs of surgery.

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