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Droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis, are a sign of aging and can negatively affect your line of vision. At Chicago Oculofacial Consultants, with locations in the Millenium Park and Rush neighborhoods of Chicago and another in Evanston, Illinois, Kenya Williams, MD, offers surgery for droopy eyelids called blepharoplasty to repair the lids and make you look years younger. Call the nearest office to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.

Droopy Eyelids Q & A

What are droopy eyelids?

Drooping eyelids (ptosis) is a common condition that occurs with aging. It causes your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both to sag because of changing tissues. Ptosis may also occur at birth because of genetic abnormalities. 

Treatment at Chicago Oculofacial Consultants can repair your eyelids, improve their appearance, and perfect your line of vision.

What are the risk factors for droopy eyelids?

The leading cause of droopy eyelids is tissue changes related to aging. However, you may also experience ptosis because of birth defects, injuries, or nerve damage. 

Regardless of the cause of droopy eyelids, Dr. Williams can make your lids look younger, tighter, and aesthetically pleasing to help you gain confidence and see better.

Is droopy eyelid surgery right for me?

To determine if eyelid surgery is right for you, Dr. Williams examines your eyelids, discusses your medical history, symptoms, and desired outcome. Then, she lets you know what to expect during eyelid surgery before determining if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

How should I prepare for my procedure?

Before undergoing surgery for droopy eyelids, follow all of Dr. Williams’ instructions. In addition, stop taking certain medications if she asks you to, don’t smoke, and arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure.

What should I expect during droopy eyelid treatment?

During surgery for droopy eyelids, Dr. Williams numbs the treatment area to avoid discomfort and offers a sedative to help you relax. Then, after making a tiny incision in the drooping lids, she removes, repairs, and tightens the eyelid tissue, using stitches if needed.

What happens after the procedure?

Follow all post-surgery instructions after droopy eyelid surgery to ensure the best outcome and reduce your risk of infection. Your eyelids will be a little red, swollen, tender, or sore, but these side effects are temporary.

Keep your eyelids clean, apply ointment as directed by Dr. Williams; don’t rub your eyes, and attend follow-up visits at Chicago Oculofacial Consultants. Avoid strenuous activity until Dr. Williams says it’s okay.

To learn more about the treatments available for droopy eyelids or schedule a procedure, call the nearest Chicago Oculofacial Consultants office or book an appointment online today.