Fillers or Surgery for Under-Eye Bags?

People can get bags under their eyes for a number of reasons. Some experience a loss of skin elasticity and moisture as they get older, and aging causes the skin under the eyes to droop. Others may have gone through an injury or even been born with a condition that causes them to get under-eye bags. No matter the reason, your under-eye bags are likely causing you to feel down about your appearance. And aside from a loss of confidence, you might be experiencing real medical damage.

Fillers or Surgery for Under-Eye Bags?

Our eyelid surgery center in Chicago offers two pathways to treatment: surgery and dermal fillers. While some want to opt for the non-surgical option automatically, others are more hesitant about the idea of using fillers so close to the eyes and would rather go under the knife. While no treatment is better than the other, we thought this would be a good opportunity to answer the question, “Fillers or surgery for under-eye bags?”

Non-Surgical Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers typically come in the form of injectables and offer a refreshing hydration and moisturization boost. Under-eye bags usually develop because the skin in this area is lacking in nutrients. As you get older, your skin stops producing collagen and elastin as well as it used to. This can make the outer surface of your skin patchy, rough, droopy, and discolored. Not to mention, broken blood vessels can lead to dark circles and stubborn fat pockets can give you permanent under-eye bags.

Dermal fillers are administered in a series of in-office treatments with very little downtime required. Since there is no need for surgery, you can easily get back into your daily schedule without skipping a beat. We highly recommend our unique under-eye bag removals if you want to look years younger without going through too much physical change.

Why Get Fillers?

Patients who benefit the most from dermal fillers are those who are only dealing with light amounts of under-eye puffiness. Fillers are a great solution for mild to moderate under-eye bags. Those who are younger than the age of 50 and who might be sensitive to surgery should also consider fillers before going under the knife. For some patients, multiple treatment sessions are required.

Surgery for Under-Eye Bags

If you have severely puffy bags under your eyes and some of the less invasive methods of treatment will not work, you might be a candidate for a lower lid lift. Lower eyelid surgery aims to remove damaged excess skin while reshaping the area around your eyes for a more pleasing look. Surgical intervention might be necessary for patients dealing with large pockets of fat in the lower eyelids.

Though lower eyelid surgery is a full operation, it is almost always an outpatient procedure. It is a quick but meticulous surgery that creates results totally unique to you. Surgery is recommended for anyone who has already had surgery in the past but is still unsatisfied with the way they look or anyone who is struggling with major under-eye symptoms.

Why Get Under-Eye Surgery?

Surgery is almost always a last resort option. Your surgeon will want to try less invasive options to add moisture and rejuvenation to your face. If you have already invested in hyaluronic acid fillers and over-the-counter products like topical creams – but you are still struggling to hide your under-eye bags – then surgery may be in order.

Measuring Your Results

The deciding factor between fillers and surgery for a lot of patients is the longevity of results. It is important to formulate a years-long plan of care to make accurate projections about the way your skin will heal. In most cases, results from dermal fillers are seen immediately and can last for several months before you come back for a touch-up.

The results from surgery can last a lot longer. Since it is a more intensive process that goes deeper into the skin, it offers a more permanent payoff. Most patients who undergo under-eye surgery are able to enjoy their new changes for many years.

Schedule Your Under-Eye Bag Treatment Today

The longer you wait to address the pockets of fatty bags building up under your eyes, the more severe they will look. You can take a proactive approach to your appearance by reaching out to your local specialist for under-eye bags removal. We offer a wide range of treatments, including surgery-free fillers that make minimal contact with your skin. You deserve to feel and look like a younger and more energetic version of yourself. Get the right treatment today when you reach out to Chicago Oculofacial Consultants.

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