What To Expect From Eyebrow Lift Procedure

Many people get work done on their faces to maintain a youthful appearance. From hiding wrinkles to tightening up sagging skin, there are many ways that someone can instantly improve their looks. One common way to look great while also staying young is an eyebrow lift. This is a perfectly safe procedure but more intensive than treatments like wrinkle removal injections. However, your results will be longer-lasting, and you will not have to seek regular repeated treatments like injectables. Before pursuing this surgical option, patients need to know what to expect from an eyebrow lift procedure.

Today, your Chicago experts will give you a rundown of the treatment from consultation to recovery. Read on for information about the procedure, the healing process, and your final results!

All About Eyebrow Lifts

At our board-certified surgery center, we want to empower you with information about your procedure! There are three types of eyebrow lifts to learn about: the classic lift, the endoscopic lift, and the limited incision technique lift.

Classic Lift

For a classic lift, your provider will make an incision that stretches across the top of your head, from ear to ear. This procedure may also be called an “open lift” or a “coronal lift.” The incision can scar, but it is hidden within your hair to prevent visibility. This provides a truly seamless, youthful look!

Endoscopic Lift

The endoscopic lift is less invasive than the classic lift, so you can expect a quicker recovery and worry less about potential scarring. In this version of the eyebrow lift, a few small incisions are made across your scalp rather than one large line incision. After making the incisions, your doctor will insert a small device with a camera attached to one incision. This device is called a “scope” and allows the doctor to view the tissues and muscles in your scalp. Into another incision, your doctor will perform the necessary tissue adjustments to achieve your ideal results!

Limited Incision Technique Lift

In this procedure, your doctor will also make fewer incisions. However, they will not use a “scope” like in an endoscopic lift. This procedure is perhaps the least invasive of all. It also has the most limited effects, as it can address crow’s feet around your eyes but does not smooth forehead wrinkles. It is a good choice for someone who wants to make very minimal changes to their appearance.

Healing After Your Procedure

You must follow every step in the brow lift recovery process to reduce symptoms, minimize scarring, and achieve the best results. Here are a few instructions that we typically provide to our post-op patients: 

  • You will be prescribed pain medication to manage any symptoms of discomfort. However, you are not expected to have too much pain. 
  • Manage bruising and swelling with an ice pack or a cold compress while keeping your head elevated.
  • Avoid any intense physical activity, and make sure to rest for a week or two.
  • You can remove any medical dressings that were placed on your incision after a couple of days of resting at home. 
  • Follow additional detailed instructions given to you by the surgeon.

You should schedule follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor your healing progress. The healing journey after a brow lift is short, with most patients being able to return to their jobs after just three weeks. 

Enjoy Your Final Eyebrow Lift Results!

After recovering from your eyebrow lift, you are free to enjoy your new and improved results. Although you should feel recovered and ready to resume normal activities only a few weeks after surgery, final results might not be apparent for up to six months. This may feel like a long time, but fortunately, a brow lift is a permanent procedure. You may have to wait a bit for final results, but your results could last a lifetime! 

As we age, our skin naturally loses elasticity, leading to wrinkles. Gravity and natural aging can restore some wrinkles years after a brow lift. Make sure to always wear sunscreen and follow restorative skincare practices for good daily hygiene. This will keep your skin healthy and prolong your results. The best thing you can do for your skin after getting an eyebrow lift is to invest in good daily health habits so you can keep the wrinkles at bay.

Now that you know what to expect from an eyebrow lift procedure, schedule a personalized brow lift appointment with us at Chicago Oculofacial Consultants today!

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