Latest Advances for Asian Eyelid Surgery

Plastic surgery is a field that is constantly evolving and making progressive advances. The procedures that constitute its core services are rarely stagnant, oftentimes owing this quality to the dynamic nature of medical technologies and practices at large. Let’s examine some of the latest advances for Asian eyelid surgery.

Latest Advances for Asian Eyelid Surgery

One field of the practice that has begun to gain in popularity is Asian eyelid surgery, valued for its ability to introduce a sense of control over the appearance of one’s eyes. Generally speaking, the procedure can leave one’s appearance looking novel and refreshed.

If you’re considering obtaining Asian eyelid surgery, then you might be interested in staying up to date on some of the more recent advances in the surgery that have both patients and medical professionals excited.

What Happens In A Standard Asian Eyelid Surgery?

In Asian eyelid surgery, also known as double eyelid surgery, a physician undertakes a number of operations and procedures that can round and balance the shape of the eyes.

Many who undergo this procedure find their appearance to reawaken, imbued with a sense of reinvigoration and vitality. This revitalization subsequently has a trickle-down effect on one’s mental and emotional health, leading to a plethora of positive impacts.

As with most plastic surgeries, Asian eyelid surgery needs to be tailored to the specific unique characteristics of your face and appearance. Also taken into account will be your specific set of aesthetic preferences, which will help your doctor deliver the most satisfying results possible in the context of your procedure.

Surgery Timelines

A typical double eyelid surgery will find you under anesthesia and take about 2-3 hours.

During the operation, your physician will make incisions along the natural creases of the upper eyelids to create a fold.

From there, excess fat and other bodily tissues are removed before repositioning the moved fold of skin into its original position, under a newly-created crease.

You should allow yourself a period of at least a few days, if not a few weeks, to fully recover from your surgery. This includes taking the precautionary steps to create a comfortable post-surgery environment for yourself.

Ever Increasing Sophistication

Historically speaking, double eyelid surgery is considered a very challenging operation for a doctor to undertake.

Fortunately, advances in the field have allowed medical professionals to approach this procedure with greater degrees of skill and finesse.

Generally speaking, this procedure is said to have evolved into a more “restorative” rather than “subtractive” practice, where the physician approaches the procedure with the ideal being the construction of an aesthetically pleasing space, rather than taking away aesthetically unpleasing elements of the eye that make the client unhappy.

What this looks like medically is that the surgeries have become slightly more sophisticated in their results. The resulting appearance then seems generally more natural and youthful.

This has also led to higher rates of patient satisfaction with the results of their procedures. In the coming decades, advances in the field surely will increase these advances.

Engaging With The Epicanthal Fold

Many Asian eyes have a pronounced feature in a part of the eyelid known as the epicanthal fold. In the last decade, we saw a jump in elegance in the way that physicians sculpt this area of the eye. This has led to some very satisfying and aesthetically pleasing results.

This molding of the epicanthus, also known as an epicanthoplasty, has proved a very popular way to approach Asian eyelid surgery.

Your physician will approach the molding of this feature of the eye in different ways depending on several factors. Some of these include the size and shape of the fold. But they also consider the amount of fat and other bodily tissues present in each unique situation.

In the past, approaching eyelid surgery with this part of the eyelid in mind was considered unsatisfactory and overly challenging. Additionally, it would leave a number of problematic residues in its wake.

Some of these would include the obvious presence of scars, under correction, and recurrent deformities. Because of this, the operation stayed considered somewhat risky to undertake. This subsequently deterred many prospective clients from seeking it out. But no more.

Fortunately, advances in the craft have made this element of the surgeries an exciting playground for a skilled surgeon.

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